Byron knew that he was destined for literary greatness. Named Brian at birth, he had changed his name to remind the world of his destiny.

“They will come around,” he told John, his literary advisor. John owned the bookshop around the corner, where Byron spent most of his afternoons. So far, nobody had bought even a single copy of the collection of Byron’s finest poems. Byron was a little disheartened – the low intelligence of the current generation of readers was delaying his fame and riches.

“I don’t know what else I can do,” Byron continued. “Look at all the…

Full moon above, I was sitting in a desolate cremation site deep in the valley, waiting for midnight. A bunch of dogs were howling at a distance, occasionally joined by shrieks of owls from the banyan trees above. I was cold, and a little scared. I am not afraid of living souls, but ghosts scare me — they say that at full moon, ghosts can possess the living.

I was carrying Sarvabhu’s talisman in my hand. I was sure that it would protect me. Sarvabhu is the supreme god of all living, dead, and in-betweeners. I clutched hard at the…

Recently completed my second novel. Still long way to go before it gets published.

When I wrote my first novel, “The Timingila”, it was to prove that I can write a novel – not just short stories. Fame was an unexpected byproduct.

When I started on my second novel, I pondered on what I am trying to prove this time? For whom?

I realised that it does not matter! So, I wrote this one for my love of telling stories.

This story narrates how adversity can affect different people differently. From kings to monks, and warlords to destitutes – how some crumble under pressure, while others attain heights of greatness while fighting the same circumstances.

With an array of complex characters, and a fast-paced storyline, I am sure you will have as much fun reading the novel as I had in writing it. – Shon Mehta


You count my mistakes, and believe I lack any will.

You tell me, how badly my life has gone downhill.

By calling me worthless, you get a vicious thrill.

Your words hurt, cause even though a failure, I am a human still.

— — Shon Mehta

© 2021 Sheetal Mehata.

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Once there lived a great scholar. In the course of his travels, he chanced to visit a distant kingdom. Seeing the respect the scholar commanded, the king was impressed. He thought that if the scholar stays in his kingdom, it will increase its prestige in the lands.

So he invited the scholar to his palace, and asked whether he would like to stay.

“I only stay at places where freedom is valued,” the scholar replied.

“Of course,” said the king. “Come with me for a tour of the capital, and see for yourself how much we value freedom.”

As they…

At some juncture in our life, we become an entirely different person than what we started as. Different dreams, different thoughts, different style, different life. When we look at our old photographs, it feels like we are looking at a stranger. Then, it makes us wonder when we stopped being that person in the photograph.

— -Shon Mehta

In the ancient land of Jivavarta, there lived two friends. One day, they both got poisoned. Fortunately, they recovered.

After recovery, one of the friends started poisoning others, in a hope he would kill whoever had poisoned him. The other friend started distributing antidote to others, so that they would recover in case they get poisoned.

In this world, we all get poisoned or harmed some way, and it is up to us how we react — do we want to seek revenge and harm others, or show compassion and help them.

© 2020 Sheetal Mehata

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You can spoil your good luck with your stupidity, but even with all the smartness in the world, you can never outrun your bad luck. — - Shon Mehta

It was almost noon, and the worker who I had hired for cleaning my tavern hadn’t turned up. I cursed aloud. My back was sore and I was looking forward to rest a little, but now I will have to work more than usual.

“Do you need help, sir?” said a voice.

It was an elderly woman with a wrinkly face. It is tough to guess the age of poor people, they tend to look older than they are, due to all the hardship they face. She had a hunched back and sunburned skin, common among the workers in the…

Cause, death without grief is rather rare.

There was a girl named Claire.

For her, life was lonely, it was so unfair.

She longed for happiness, but found it nowhere.

And felt that when she is gone, no one will care.

Then, one day, she decided, and took the dare.

Years gone by, her family still lives their nightmare.

Her mother’s eyes, they are never without a tear.

Cause, death without grief is rather rare.

Someone, somewhere will always care.

Shon Mehta

— — — -

©2020 Sheetal Mehata.

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shon mehta

Sheetal (Shon) Mehta is an author, entrepreneur and thought leader. #shonmehta #thetimingila

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